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I am a retired IT executive, an entrepreneur, former software designer, and earned a Ph.D. in computer science years ago, but did not specialize in privacy issues during my career. So why am I going to write a blog on increasing online privacy when there is so much commentary and many product reviews regarding privacy on the Internet?  There are several reasons:

  1. Information overload: As I explored the Internet and educated myself more about privacy in my retirement, I was shocked to see how much data is accumulated about us, and realized how this vast amount of information could potentially be misused. The recommendations for specific courses of action to improve one’s online privacy were scattered on numerous sites and could be overwhelming, I felt, for many Internet users to digest and utilize.

  2. Single site: This blog is intended as an organized, single repository of educational articles on online privacy, with concrete recommendations on what actions you can take to improve your online privacy. 

  3. Actionable Advice: We will provide specific examples of actions you can take and of offerings that we recommend you consider. We will provide links to other sites’ reviews of products or technical “how to” instructions, but sometimes we will recommend you consider an offering that we have studied ourselves. 

  4. Legacy: I am also a grandfather and want to leave this world (some day) knowing that my grandchildren will enjoy the freedoms with which I grew up. There is just too much data gathered about us, with potential for that data to be abused.


So why the anonymity? You guessed it! I value my privacy. In addition, this project is not about me, but more about a public service, as I have no business to which I am trying to drive traffic.

We are not associated with nor do we receive any compensation from any technology vendor, corporation, government, or political organization. We receive no economic benefit for positions or opinions expressed.  The only caveat is a disclosure on the Terms of Use page.



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