29: Top 10 actions to improve your online privacy – a recap summary

Updated: Oct 21

We recap the top 10 ways to improve your online privacy. Each was analyzed in great detail in separate prior posts. We also wrote a more detailed version of this "top 10" list, first published on Fincyte.com on July 12, 2020, and with each item, a one-paragraph summary and links to third-party resources.

Improve your online privacy

Improve your online privacy

1. To reduce personal data collected, use a privacy-friendly browser, such as Mozilla’s Firefox or Apple’s Safari

2. For search engine privacy, use a privacy-friendly search tool such as DuckDuckGo, an option in your browser

3. Use VPN online (e.g. NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN, and ExpressVPN) to hide your IP address

4. Use a password manager to manage strong, unique passwords and automate login

5. Delete tracking cookies automatically or manually

6. Install an ad-blocker extension, such as Express VPN, Ghostery, NordVPN or uBlock Origin, to block ads and web trackers

7. Employ an encrypted instant messaging app, such as Signal, Silence, Telegram, or Threema

8. Switch to a privacy-focused secure email service such as from ProtonMail or Tutanota

9. For secure video conferencing, adopt privacy best practices and settings

10. Use an encrypted cloud storage account, such as from Sync or Tresorit, or a local, secure personal cloud

Take-Away: Implement these 10 relatively uncomplicated steps, one at a time, to improve your online privacy.

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